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MMS: First bottle contains 22.4% sodium chlorite solution (28% total sodium salts). 2nd bottle contains 4.5% hydrochloric acid activator solution. Long shelf life of 3-5 years if kept away from direct sunlight (UV). Does not need to be refrigerated. Usage: use one drop activator for every one drop sodium chlorite solution (1:1 ratio). The sodium chlorite and acid activator bottles are also available seperately. Bottle sizes are 125ml and 500ml,

CDS: High strength 12000ppm pure chlorine dioxide solution, no activation required. Keep away from direct sunlight and store in fridge to reduce outgassing rate. Refrigerate before opening.

DMSO: min 99.9% high grade (low odour) dimethyl sulphoxide diluted to 70% with distilled water which is the recommended safe concentration for topical applications. Note: undiluted DMSO will solidify in the winter (<20°C) and will dehydrate cells if placed on the skin.

Sodium Chlorite powder: 80% sodium chlorite powder (ground up flakes). Dilution instructions included.

Note: All products not for therapeutic or medicinal use. Not evaluated by the TGA. Do not use undiluted and keep out of reach of children. Some products may cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea if overused.

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MMS Set 125ml, MMS Set 500ml, CDS 100ml, CDS 2x100ml, CDS 500ml, DMSO 100ml, DMSO 100ml undiluted, DMSO 2x100ml, DMSO 500ml, Sodium chlorite 125ml, Sodium chlorite 500ml, Sodium Chlorite Powder 1lb (454g), Sodium Chlorite Powder 2 lb, Hydrochloric acid 125ml, Hydrochloric acid 500ml