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Pure magnesium hydroxide powder for making your own magnesium water (Magnesium Bicarbonate solution). 1 teaspoon makes 1 litre of magnesium water concentrate using carbonated water or a Soda-Stream if you have one.

Magnesium Bicarbonate is the most bio-available and effective form of magnesium available and only exists in the solution form (cannot be made as a powder supplement).

How to make Magnesium water:

Purchase carbonated (sparkling) water or make your own if you have a Sodastream. The type of water is not important but must be carbonated (contain carbon dioxide).

Place the bottle in the fridge and allow it to fully cool. Remove the bottle from the fridge and pour ¼ – 1/2 level teaspoon (using a measuring spoon) of the magnesium hydroxide powder for every 500ml water into the bottle. Quickly screw on the cap and give the bottle a thorough shake. The water will appear milky. Place the bottle back in the fridge. After a couple of hours remove the bottle and give it another thorough shake and place back in the fridge. When the solution is fully clear and there is no residue of the powder then the magnesium hydroxide has fully converted to Magnesium bicarbonate and you now have “magnesium water” suitable for drinking. It may take overnight to fully dissolve the magnesium hydroxide powder.

Notes: Depending on the strength of carbonation of the water, you may not be able to fully dissolve ½ teaspoon of the powder into 500ml, we therefore suggest you start off at ¼ teaspoon and use slightly more for the next batch and see if it fully dissolves.

After dissolving the magnesium hydroxide powder you will find that the water is no longer sparkling or may be slightly sparkling, this is because the carbon dioxide has reacted with the magnesium hydroxide to make magnesium bicarbonate. If you still have some residue of the powder after leaving overnight in the fridge we suggest letting the solids settle and decant the clear water into another bottle and discarding the sediment.


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