CDS 100ml 12,000ppm



Chlorine dioxide solution (pure) – 2 drops is equivalent to 1 activated drop sodium chlorite solution.

To remove or prevent odour causing bacteria in water containers, add just 1 drop of 12,000pm CDS to 1-2 litres water. One 100ml bottle will provide approximately 1600 drops. 100ml makes 400ml of 3000ppm solution*.

Other Notes:
● Drops can be obtained using the 3ml plastic pipette or dripolator cap provided.

● *To make 3000 ppm CDS add 1 part 12000 ppm CDS to 3 parts cold water (eg 100ml CDS + 300ml water = 400ml CDS at 3000ppm).

Note: For water treatment purposes only. Not evaluated by the TGA. Keep out of reach of children and do not use undiluted.

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